Chakra Mehndi Design

Chakra Mehndi Design

Mehndi application is a significant ritual in most of the cultures of  South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Circular mehndi design is one of the all-time favorites among females of all ages on every occasion of Eid, Charwa chute, Diwali, Baby shower, Engagement, and Weddings.

Most Popular Chakra MehndiI Designs

Circle Paisley Pattern

A versatile combination of flowers and leaves in a circular shape mehndi chakra design on the front and back of the hand as well as the foot on any occasion. Henna artists skillfully incorporate paisley patterns into mehndi design gracefully and harmoniously.

Circle Paisley Pattern chakra mehndi
chakra Circle Paisley Pattern
Circle Paisley Pattern

Thick And Simple

This mehndi design chakra applies to the hands of non-mehndi lovers on her special occasions. It is very easy and simple with some leafy and dotted edges to give an attractive look. The center of this design is fully shaded in the middle of the palm.

Thick And Simple
chakra Simple mehndi
Thick And Simple chakra design

Net Style

In it, net style circle is drawn in the middle of the chakra design mehndi, on fingers and wrist. Merging of flowers, leaves, lines, and dotes to make sophisticated motifs of jaal.Some parts of them are filled and others remain empty giving stunning texture.

chakra mehndi Net Style
chakra Net Style
Net Style chakra mehndi

Mandala Art

Aesthetic design is symbolic of peace and calmness in Hinduism and Buddhism in a symmetrical shape. Mandala itself simply means circle in Sanskrit language. The main theme of this design is a circle covered with floral and leaves shaded strokes are merged into it. Simple chakra mehndi design is diverted in these complex attractive patterns.

Mandala Art chakra mehndi
Mandala Art mehndi style
Mandala Art

Straight Bail Circular

The minimalist straight circular bail draw added geometric shapes flowery edges and dotted ends around the main circle motifs. It is an easy chakra mehndi design with free spaces on the back and front of the hands.

mehndi chakra style
Straight Bail Circular chakra mehndi design
Straight Bail Circular

Floral Motifs

In this pattern, the Henna artist adds chakra mehndi design photos or sketches in circular floral motifs with leaves and vines. The Centre of this design starts with central flowers and then repeating motifs of flowers and petals cover the whole hands to fingers and wrist and can be applied on the back of the shoulders. 

Floral Motifs chakra mehndi
Floral Motifs
mehndi chakra design

Chakra Mehndi Designs For Fingers

Women love to have circles with leaf patterns on their fingers merging with chakra mehndi design easy and beautiful way on their palms. Intricate lines in classic circles create a very lovely appearance starting from the tips of fingers to the ends of both hands and feet.

chakra design mehndi
Chakra Mehndi Designs For Fingers
Fingers Chakra Mehndi Designs

Arabic Circle On Backhands

Unique Arabic shaded motifs around circular with free-flowing diagonal trails, floral artwork, and paisley applied both front and back of hands and feet are appreciated on all occasions. Bolder strokes with empty spaces make henna designs more prominent and striking.

Arabic Circle On Backhands
Backhands Arabic Circle On
mehndi design chakra

Stunning Symmetry

Create a symmetrical circle using floral, peacock, and lines adding bell and chain motifs in it makes it more attractive to cover full hands on all occasions. Wonderful aesthetical shading and geometric shapes look gorgeous.

chakra mehndi design photo
chakra mehndi designs for fingers
easy chakra mehndi design

Multi-patterned Designs

Henna artists skilfully mix Mehndi’s new chakra design with all types of designs such as floral, paisley, mandala, and geometrical to form new versions on the front and back of hands according to the occasion. This blended design gives the perfect style to mehndi designs which fascinate females to have it at festivals.

Multi-patterned Designs
Multi-patterned mehndi Designs
simple chakra mehndi design


Chakra mehndi design gives the aesthetic sense of spirituality with traditional significant fusion to mesmerize henna lovers on all kinds of occasions either are religious or traditional. In it, circles are the main centers of energy to make these designs on the front and back of the hands and feet on all kinds of occasions liked by females of all ages.


What are the meanings of Chakra?

In the Sanskrit language circle is called Chakra.

What is the symbolic use of Chakra Mehndi?

Chakra mehndi is used for physical and spiritual energy in the human body.

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